Friday, October 17, 2008

Poster for WFM Anniversary

This weekend Wellesley Friends Meeting is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. There will be speeches, plays, worship, food, and fellowship. As an added decoration several people have put together posters highlighting the major work and concerns of the meeting. The picture below is the poster I put together of pictures from our participation in Boston's Lesbian and Gay Pride parades. The wording on the finished poster is slightly different, but the sentiment is the same.


I'm lucky enough to have access to a poster printer at work. Back in September, when I was really thinking I'd get this done ahead of time, I was reminded that the poster printer is booked solid for a good portion of the month. Once the event which causes this demand was over, I'd moved on to other things. Last weekend I finally got back to thinking about the poster. I got it put together Sunday afternoon, but didn't get around to thinking about printing it until yesterday.

So this morning I grabbed my thumb drive moved the poster file to it and headed off to work with Amy. I got to the other building (home of the poster printer and Amy's office) and was opening the file to show it to one of the poster printing experts when I realized that the program I created the poster in does not import the image files, but links to them. This was a major problem because I had not put those files on the thumb drive.

After some agonizing, there'd already been a couple of issues with the payroll posting that I'd had to deal with remotely, I headed home again to retrieve the files. Given that it was mid-morning it was an easy drive. Then back to print the poster. Which also went relatively smoothly. The good news is it's printed, the bad news is I'm still not happy with the wording.

I'll mount it to foam core tonight, and deliver it to the Meeting House tomorrow when we head over to help set up for the afternoon and evening festivities.

PhotoFriday: Freeze Frame

Duck taking off over Rainbow Lake.
Taken during our vacation in July.

The back story to this is that the first thing I do each morning during our two week vacation at Wakanda is head out to the lake to swim. Most mornings I take along one of my cameras (The working arsenal includes 2 digital (slr and waterproof), 2 film and a video camera.) Early in the morning the lake is usually crystal clear. Most mornings I see some sort of wildlife. Managing to photograph the wildlife is a rare occurence. This was taken when the camera was ready at the same time as the wildlife.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

PhotoSunday: Sunset

Sunset over New London Harbor in Connecticut

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(It has been brought to my attention that I haven't been posting anything. I'm not offering any excuses, but it's been a really busy month or so. The picture above was taken while I was in Connecticut for the fall conference for the users group I'm the president of.)