Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Golden Couple

50 years. 50 years of hope, joy, sorrow, and laughter, but most importantly 50 years of love. On June 9, 1956 my parents were married full of hope, love, and anticipation for a life together. Life has not always been easy for them. There where times when money was tight, when sick children caused them worry, when work kept them apart for too many hours. Through it all the love and commitment to each other and the family they created never waivered.

I always knew that my parents loved each other. Passing in a hallway was always an occasion for a hug, and if any of their children got within reach the hug became a family hug. What a gift it was to grow up knowing that my parents loved each other, and me.

We celebrated my parents golden anniversary as a family last weekend - no speeches, no champagne toasts, just a family enjoying each other's company and celebrating a momentous occasion.

But now I offer a toast - raise a glass to a couple who have shown us that true love exists, and that love can endure and prosper. And to my parents a huge thank you for sharing that love with not only me, but with my wife. I hope that we will be lucky enough to celebrate our own 50th anniversary.

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Shelley said...

Look at those sweet smiles! I was sorry to miss the big event... thanks for sharing a little of the spirit of it.