Sunday, March 02, 2008

Playing in the Snow

I'm going to make myself really unpopular here but despite that I'm going to say what's on my mind. I want a blizzard. A good old fashioned feet of snow, no school for a week blizzard. I am tired of the 3 inches of snow that melts 2 hours after it's falen storms we've been having. Okay, I feel better now, and those of you who are cursing at me can just keep muttering about what a nut case I am.

Despite the lack of measurable snow I have managed to spend a little time playing in the snow. My snowshoes, however, are a little lonely.

Last Friday we got a good dumping of snow. Saturday was "fruit unloading day" for Amy's chorus. Every winter they team up with another chorus to sell citrus fruit. Due to the snow still on the ground I was recruited to drive to the farm where the truck was dropping off the fruit. The parking area at the farm is dirt, and Amy was worried that her car would get stuck.

While Amy was unloading, sorting and repacking fruit I wandered the farm. Codman Farm is a working farm that provides agricultural education in Lincoln. They have a variety of critters . On my wander I saw
white cow
including this one who gave me the evil eye
and turkeys
amid the barns.

Meanwhile, Amy and the others from the 2 choruses were sorting through dozens of boxes of citrus fruit. When the sorting was done boxes were loaded into cars for delivery and we headed home.

And because this post is about the fruit, here's a shot of one of the oranges that we brought home.


Dick Riendeau said...

Chelly I'm just testing Dad

self taught artist said...

these are some of your best photos (nonabstract that is)
come up to stowe, we have bucketloads of snow...

i'd rather have all this than the mud and humidity that is on its way.

Maria said...

Okay, I am working HARD not to swear at your snow loving self under my breath....Here on the prairie, we have had more snow than we know what to do with. It has been the snowiest winter I can ever remember and ice storms too...they just keep coming and coming...ARGH.

Nice looking animals there. I really liked the cow with attitude...

Rhea said...

I go to Drumlin Farm sometimes, in Concord. I love it.