Sunday, June 08, 2008

Garden Tour

As my neighbors will no doubt tell you, I am a bad gardener. My lawn is mostly weeds, the bushes are in need of trimming and there are still fall leaves scattered about. The one bright spot is the perennial garden. Situated in the sunny spot where our driveway curves down to the garage the perennial garden is thriving. At the moment it is a study in purple and green with a splash of pink. Soon yellow will join the mix. When I went out to take pictures of it today I discovered that one of the lupin, which I thought had all died, has survived, though I don't have pictures of it.

Another element on which I am a terrible gardener is that I don't have a good chart of my garden and can't remember what a couple of the plants in it are called.

across the lavender
Looking across the lavender, which is starting to think about blooming.
Purple flower (the name escapes me).
Another one I don't remember the name of.
Coreopsis bud.
This pale weed is growing at the edge of the garden.


self taught artist said...

i really like that weed photo
it is eery and ghostlike. very cool

Cloudscome said...

I am this same kind of gardener. I forget a lot of flower names and have to keep looking them up or call my dad to ask him. I really like your photos today. Lovely, even (especially) the weeds!

Kathe said...

The pink ones are...well, Pinks (seriously). :^)

Kathe said...

Oh...and the purple ones I think are statice...maybe. That one I'm not so sure about.