Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kayaking Rainbow Lake, Part 3

In normal years we have to be out of our vacation cabin by 10am on Saturday, so that our hosts can get it cleaned and ready for the next renters. This was, however, not a normal year. With the economy struggling the vacation rental market is depressed, and Owl cabin (our favorite home away from home) was not rented for the week after our vacation. After trying to convince us to stay (oh how I wanted to!) Soozie and Noel encouraged us to take our time on Saturday. (This turned out to ve a very good thing when the water pump quit working Saturday morning. Noel did get it fixed quickly, though.)

This meant that there was time for one more kayak trip before we left. One of my favorite paddles on Rainbow Lake is that back into the Flow. So that was the choice for my last paddle.

The paddle starts by heading south around the tip of the esker. As I started out that morning I realized that I had never done this in the morning before.

back of the Esker
The view looking north from the other side of the esker.

I've haven't seen a lot of turtles in the Adirondacks. That morning I saw 10, including this one.

This heron was alternately grooming and posing, while enjoying the morning sun.

toward the flow
Looking toward the Flow. At this point I had seen only one other boat.

As I head further into the Flow the lilies thicken. In spots this makes the paddle more challenging, since it requires maneuvering around the patches of lillies, and other water plants which thrive here because the water is so calm.

The calm water and the number of fallen trees offer lots of awsome reflections.

smooth as glass
Evidence of the calm morning - the water was smooth as glass.

in the flow
I've seen beavers in this section of the Flow before, but this morning I only saw reflections.

beaver dam
This stretch of the lake ends at this beaver dam. I was able to get close because of this summer's high water levels.

I love the colors of this bright grass.

More fallen tree reflections.

Back at Owl Dock and the end of our vacation.

It was a lovely paddle.


Maria said...

Ah. Looks so peaceful....

Stacy said...

Beautiful pictures. The mirror effect of the lake is lovely.