Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been teaching preschool in the First Day School (Quaker Sunday School) at my Meeting this fall. Our group of 8 is mostly almost 4 year olds. Our current topic is cooperation and working together. This morning we joined together to make a quilt.

Amy helped me cut a bunch of squares from fabric in our scrap basket a few weeks ago. I taped a length of paper to the table (mostly cause it kept curling up) and the children and adults added squares of fabric. Our masterpiece now graces the wall of our classroom (as long as the push pins haven't give way).
The children, even the one 2 year old in attendance this morning, were engaged by this project for a good 20 minutes and a few were actively working for 30 minutes. (By the way two of the arms in the above picture are those of one of the other adults.)

As an aside - if you must use glue sticks (I can go into a tirade about those another time) I highly recommend the colored ones, which dry clear. The color makes it much easier to see where the glue has been applied.

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