Sunday, May 23, 2010


The past two Sundays my First Day School class has been working on birdhouses. To prepare I cut parts. The plan is pretty simple. You can find it here. The kids loved this project - they had a wonderful sense of accomplishment from this.

Week 1 was assembly.
First step was putting the screws into the front.

doing it myself
Step 2 Glue
Step 3 Nailing on the floor, back and top.

Week 2 Painting
I don't have a lot of pictures of the painting because I was busy working with children who weren't there last week to get their birdhouses together and trying to avoid getting coated in paint. We also had a full-house today - 5 children including one who was new to our Meeting.
Here's the some of the results.


Shelley said...

Fantastic! Those are some lucky First Day Schoolers...

JAXTER said...

Those are awesome! I have been needing to build some birdhouses to try to get all the sparrows who nest in my gutters out of the rain - I suspect they will still nest in the gutters, but this provides excellent inspiration! Thank you.