Monday, February 28, 2005

Bretton Woods Nordic - February 3rd

Took this on February 3rd at the Bretton Woods Nordic Center. This was taken on the Perimeter trail. If you look really carefully you might see Amy skiing. ;-)

The day was hazy and warm (I ditched my gloves early on and never did put them back on), but the views of the west side of Mt Washington were great. The snowshoeing was good, but the trail had significant bare spots. Most of the coverage was 2-4" - not great for early February. The good news is that there was significant snowfall a week or so later.

The trails at BW are fairly well marked, although like most areas the trail markings near the lodge weren't that great. I took a short detour around the back yard of the lodge as a result.

I also missed the markings on the trail map posted in the lodge indicating a short section of the Perimeter trail was closed. I discovered this after my outing, when I went in to make sure the staff knew that a 500 foot or so section of the trail was a very bumpy skating rink. All I can say is that it's a very good thing that snowshoes have crampons, and that I snowshoe with poles.

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