Monday, February 28, 2005

Welcome to the Snow Shoe Diaries

As most of you know, for several years Amy and I have been spending a good portion of each winter in the company of the KSC (Kerns Ski College). After each trip a report on the activities is posted to the KSC website. Additionally, there is a log book in the KFFRC (Kerns Family Freedom Retreat Center) living room which each guest to the house is encouraged to write in.

In the past my participation in the KSC has been limited to cooking (hence my skiname, Chef), and hanging out at the house or in the ski lodge. I've gone snowshoeing on a couple of the trips mostly in Lake Placid. And after we acquired snowshoes for Amy three years ago (I think) we've done some snowshoeing on our own.

Three times in the last month, while we were in New Hampshire I've gone shoeshoeing while Amy was off flinging herself down a hill on skinny boards. The last time was as part of a KSC trip. Prompted partly by a conversation with Sunshine (aka Karen) I posted a report of my snowshoeing activities as part of the weekend report on the KSC website.

While snowshoeing closer to home on Saturday I decided that I should share that with my family and friends. Which leads us to this blog. For the next month or two this will be largely a report of snow activities, after that we'll see.



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