Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Evening Haiku

softball hit sharply
scattering soccer players
fine summer evening

Dedicated to all the players and umpires of the MIT Community Summer Softball league.

I realize haiku should stand on it's own, but I think an explanation is in order for this one, particularly since I couldn't find an appropriate picture. Our softball league, MITCSS, plays on multi-purpose fields at MIT. At other times of the year the fields accomodate soccer, rugby, football, frisbee, baseball and softball. Most nights we have 6 or 7 games being played simultaneously and we use all of the available field space. Every night we must contend with soccer players who show up and decide that left field looks like a great place for a game.

I'll try to add a more serene take on the prompt tomorrow.

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Roswila said...

Yes, it doesn't need the explanation. But it was fun to read it. Thanks!

tumblewords said...

I like the visual in this haiku. Has a nice sound, as well.

Jemima said...

what I'm thinking is that in battling someone to define your territory you can miss the beauty around you. maybe the soccer players and the softballers should just sit back and appreciate the evening they share: is it obvious that I don't like sport that much?

I think the haiku does stand on its own as haiku, but I love a bit of prose to expand it :-)

Chelle said...

My issue is that one of these days a soccer player is going to get hurt. I'm all for them enjoying their game and the evening, just not where it puts them in danger.

Teena said...

Very nice :)

BTW, Michele sent me.

Rhea said...

I used to play softball but haven't in a while. I tend to overdo it, messing up my shoulder and stuff.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

It stood on its own, but the explanation was fun... Can I assume the soccer balls also invaded space?
I don't like softballs and baseballs, too dangerous.