Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday Challenge: Young

Oh, to be young and fearless. That's my nephew, D, running down the slide.

Larger Version: here.
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-E said...

Awww, I love it. It makes me wish I had some kids and a sandbox to go play with for a while.

Michele sent me, happy weekend!

sophie said...

I remember that fearlessness. I would walk across the top of the rungs meant for hanging by your hands.

Random visit from Michele

Maria said...

Here in Omaha, there is a couple who made the news because they are SUING the city. Why? Their son went down a metal slide in a park on a steaming hot day and burned his legs.

I just stood there staring at the TV...

Good lord.

And your nephew looks like he is having a ball!

Shelley said...

Fun shot! Thanks for being there.

(He's up hanging out with the Grandbanana at the moment... nice to have a little infusion of D-energy.)