Sunday, June 19, 2005


Wellesley's reunion was last weekend. It was Amy's 20th and my Mom's 50th, and it was hot, really, really hot. My parents were staying with us so we cranked up the ancient airconditioners (window units built into the wall) in our living room and bedroom. To our amazement they actually worked and managed to get the house to a tolerable temperature.

It was fun to see all our friends from Amy's class, and I enjoyed seeing friends of my Mother's - most of whom I haven't seen in decades. I didn't have as many in-depth conversations as at past reunions, but it was a fun weekend.

There was a casualty, however. After the alumnae parade on Sunday, which Amy was at the Alumnae Association meeting, I decided to take a break on Green Beach , next to the library. The water looked very inviting and having forgotten that my car keys, including the electronic alarm key, were in my back pocket. The water felt great, but the electronic key did not survive it's dip.

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