Sunday, June 19, 2005

Working in a Construction Zone

Almost all of the administration has moved over/up into newly renovated space on the 7th floor. IT is now occupying a corner of the 6th floor while one end is renovated for us. We’ve been living with the noise of first demolition, and now construction for more than a month. It's getting better - the crew is down to final details now.

It's been kind of fun watching the construction but it has meant lots of noise, dust, power outages, heat from air conditioning outages, and all the other annoyances of construction. My least favorite have been the far too frequent bathroom closures.

The new space is bright, and the data center is really nice. Most of us will be in cubicles. At the moment the cubicles are way to solid - they're missing the glass panels everyone thought they were supposed to have. I guess it'll all work out in the end.

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