Friday, March 23, 2007

Morning Swim - for D and N

This is my entry in Buried in the Slushpile's contest. The challenge was to write a story of 75 words or less using words from the Dolce word list. I found out about this a the last minute and submitted my story less than 10 minutes before the deadline. Thanks to Shelley for bringing this to my attention.

Sun comes up
I jump out of bed
put on my best blue shirt
and my red shorts.

Where is my aunt?

Each day she jumps out of bed,
and walks past green trees
to jump in the big blue lake

I run past the green trees
and call to my aunt

Pretty please can I jump in too?

1 comment:

The Buried Editor said...

Yours was first runner up. If I'd had an extra book, I would have you sent you one. I think next time I'll do a poetry and a prose category.