Friday, March 23, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: In the Kitchen

In the kitchen daisies dance on a field of yellow,
In the kitchen cereal is stored between the wall studs,
In the kitchen pudding is stirred from a foot stool,
In the kitchen cast iron radiator foot rest,
In the kitchen popcorn fire ceiling stain,
In the kitchen tricycle zooms from laundry room to living room,
In the kitchen cookies cool,
In the kitchen girl scouts learn to cook,

The kitchen,
now only a memory,
the house long ago sold,
and not quite so long ago fallen prey to gravity.

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Miss Iyer said...

oh how depressing! But at least you stopped with good memories, which is what is gonna stay with us for longer than anything else.

happy posting away :)

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, the popcorn fire ceiling stain really got me! And the tricycle zooming, and stirring pudding!
This was a wonderful poem!

gautami tripathy said...

Great imagery. Beautiful memories despite the somewhat sad ending.

Cook up a tale

Stacy said...

Sweet and sad. Kitchens have amazing power, don't they?

Yak Attacker said...

I really enjoyed your poem and descriptions. Thank you. KhambaGirl

thefirecat said...

It was roller-skaes in our kitchen.....

AnnieElf said...

I felt I was visualizing ghosts. Nicely put together.