Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Conversation

It’s hard to talk to you
makes my heart ache
and my eyes fill with tears.

I’ve imagined you countless times
the feel of your hand in mine
the sound of your laughter

I’m sorry we never got to meet
never got to know each other
never got to explore the world together

We meant to, later
After we’d had time to settle
But time was not on our side

So I sit and imagine who you would have been
And who I would have been
And try not to have conversations that bring tears to my eyes.

Skunk cabbage is not a good snack.
I’ve never eaten it,
but once when we lived in the big brown house
next to the deep gully
some bullies made your mom eat it.

Usually the gully was a fun place to be,
full of trees and rocks,
and unexplored possibility.

The gully could be a deep dark jungle,
or a planet far away in the galaxy.
You could hide in the gully,
Behind a tree, under a branch,
where no one could find you,
until you wanted to be found.

But always up on the hill
was the big brown house,
the one your grandmother loved,
and still loves.

In the big brown house was
warmth, and love,
cookies and hugs,
all just waiting for you
when the adventure was over.

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Regina Clare Jane said...

I liked both of these poems so much, Chelle...
but the first one really went straight to my heart. We have all had experiences like this, the ones that we can't talk about without crying...
Thanks so much...

gautami tripathy said...

Both very beautifully done. I like the second. As it feels more concrete to me.

Liz said...

OMG #1 has me bawling.

Its lovely

riendeau2 said...

a b c