Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Rivers

River Haiku
river of knowledge
hereditary bequest
enriching my life

Charles River at Elm Bank in Wellesley

Ode to the Charles
meandering river
exploring towns along the way
trees bend as if to
dip a branch into the water
herons prowl the banks
in search of lunch
kayaker paddles your water
in search of exercise
turtle basks on rock
in search of warmth
reader sits on shore
in search of solitude
artist sits to sketch
in search of beauty
river flows on
in search of ocean

Charles River in Waltham
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gautami tripathy said...

Enriching haiku.

The poem has a great visual impact. Liked the photos too.



Clare said...

Oh, your writing is really good and so beautiful. I love your imagery and the rhythm of each critter and person by the river in search of what they want/need/aspire to -- including the river itself "in search of the ocean". And your haiku is lovely -- I like "hereditary bequest". Great photos too.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like your image of the river itself exploring and then everything and everyone else searching along the river...