Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sudbury River September 23rd

Heron on Sudbury RiverI headed out of the house early last Sunday, so I could get in a paddle before I headed off to a mini-Reunion* brunch with my college class. The site of the day's adventure was the Sudbury River. The put in is about 10 minutes away. Like many of the access points around here the put in is a break in the bushes and trees with a couple of spots for cars. Although I was early I got the last good parking spot. While I was preparing the boat two more cars pulled up.

Signs of FallOnce on the river I headed north. In this stretch the river meanders through marsh for miles. The marsh is part of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Despite the cars at the put in I didn't have a lot of company while I paddled. I did pass a couple of motorized fishing boats, and a few other paddlers, but the twisty nature of the river made it easy to feel alone.

Marsh Grass Sudbury RiverAlong the way I saw a heron several times, or perhaps it was a couple of different herons. (Click on the first picture to see one of the herons in flight.) Despite being the first day of fall the trees were only just beginning to think about changing color. (Click on the second picture to see the beginnings of fall color.) The grasses at the edge of the water were showing more signs of fall.

In addition to the herons I saw a couple of turtles, who were too shy to pose for pictures, and a hawk. As you can tell from the pictures, it was a gorgeous fall day - clear blue skies, and just a bit of a nip in the air.

*mini-Reunion - a gathering of classmates living in the area.


self taught artist said...

my roommates ma lives in sudbury...I've only been there once. I know nothing about this river, it looks beautiful. so lucky you got so much time there relatively left alone!

Maria said...

God, I always wanted to have a hobby like that. I would be scared to be in the middle of water by myself...I am the fall over the side and drown type.

Lovely pics, though.....