Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Hi, My Name Is...

N in Amy's hatHi, my name is Hiker Boy. I'll be 4 in November. My favorite color is yellow and I'm really into cars. I have lots and lots of Matchbox cars, and I can tell you all about them. My favorite movie is Cars.

This is me wearing my Aunt Amy's hat. I'm standing on the porch of Owl Cabin at Wakanda. I got to visit Owl Cabin for the 3rd time this summer. When my Daddy and I visit Owl Cabin I get to spend time with my Aunt Chelle and my Aunt Amy. They mostly live in Massachusetts, but in the summer they live in Owl Cabin for 2 weeks. Owl Cabin has trees with bark inside.

There are bunk beds in the cabin. Next summer I can sleep on the top bunk at night. This summer I could only sleep on the top bunk for my nap.

N wearing Chelle's socksDaddy and I put up our tent next to the cabin. It was cold at night and Daddy hadn't brought any extra socks for me, so I had to borrow Aunt Chelle's socks. They came up above my knees. They looked silly, but they kept my toes warm.

One day Daddy and I climbed a whole mountain. We could see the city from the top. (Editor's note: the "city" was the village of Saranac Lake.)

N PaddlingEvery day Aunt Chelle took me for a ride in her kayak. Daddy came with us one day. He got to use a yellow kayak and I really wanted to ride in that one, but Daddy said it was better for me to ride with Aunt Chelle because she is a better kayaker. We saw a black duck one day. Aunt Chelle said it is called a loon. The loon sounds like the clock Daddy has at home.

This is me trying to paddle the kayak. Aunt Chelle gave me half of the paddle to make it easier.

N with Amy armsI found this yellow boat at the beach. I had fun riding on it until Aunt Chelle pushed too hard and I fell off. It's a good thing I had my life jacket on. Those are Aunt Amy's arms behind me.

I can't wait to go back to Owl Cabin next year so I can go for kayak rides, and play on the beach, and climb more mountains.


colleen said...

I had a hiker boy who grew up to be a potter boy. Tell you hiker boy HI.

gautami tripathy said...

Hello! I like your reflections, hiker boy!

Stacy said...

You are surrounded by good-looking boys!

tumblewords said...

Hi, Hiker Boy. Thanks for telling me about kayaking and your visit to the cabin.