Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Comfort Food

comfort Food
One of the casseroles my mother made when I was a child, was this concoction of egg noodles, ham and peas with a sauce of cheese, milk, ketchup and horseradish topped with bread cubes. She made it with velveeta cheese and spam. I don't remember it being a favorite of mine during my childhood, but as an adult I occasionally find myself craving it.

I haven't been able to eat it for years because my body can not successfully digest milk fat. I am able to eat goat cheese, though. And earlier this fall while perusing the collection of goat cheese at the local Whole Foods, I discovered that they carry fat-free cheddar cheese. It's taste's pretty good and doesn't upset my stomach.

So, when I got a craving for this casserole last week - on one of those cold wet gray November days - I realized that I could satisfy my craving. So for tonight's dinner I had ham and noodle casserole. It was delicious. Amy missed out, since she left this morning to visit her Mother in Arkansas.


virtualredhead said...

That looks insanely good! I swear I can practically smell it.

My favorite comfort food is grilled cheese and tomato soup... here's my "dressed up" recipe, with danish havarti, tomatoes, french bread and roasted tomato and red pepper soup: Comfort Food for Grownups

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I am now wondering if it is the fat in dairy products that is affecting me. I'll try the goat cheese and cheddar you are referring to since cheese is one of my favorite foods and I have been often avoiding it. Thanks for posting about it.