Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Bake While Tired

A couple of weeks ago I was up late finishing cupcakes for a party the next day. I'd gotten a late start and I had to have the cupcakes ready to go first thing in the morning so even though I was really tired I was determined to finish. When I added the confectioner's sugar to the mixer for the frosting I realized that I needed to mix it in by hand because the mixer was putting too much of the sugar into the air. I reached for the switch to turn it down. In my sleepiness I did not turn the mixer off as was my intent, no I switched it to high. The result, as you can see, wasn't pretty.


The powdered sugar was everywhere. I was coated, the counter was coated, everything on the counter was coated. So take it from me - if you're tired step away from the mixer.


self taught artist said...

i'm sorry but i got a chuckle out of this :) what a pain in the ass to clean up though. hope people appreciated those cupcakes!

Chelle said...

No worries. The first thing Amy did when she walked into the kitchen to see why I was cursing was laugh. And after a moment of indignation I joined her.

Maria said...

This is what the kitchen looks like each and every time I go in there to make anything.

sarala said...

Friends don't let friends use mixers when tired.