Monday, September 26, 2005

Charles River Part II

A week after my solo paddle on the Charles I made arrangements to meet Bill aka Brommer for another trip on the Charles. I was a little nervous about paddling with Bill since he's an experienced kayaker, but he quickly set me at ease. We had a lovely paddle covering most of the same section of the river I had done the week before (the only difference a different fork early in the paddle). Bill had never been that far downriver before and really enjoyed it. Wildlife were again out in abundance. We had the river mostly to ourselves on the way downriver. Heading back upriver we encountered many more people heading out to enjoy the day. We included a short jaunt upriver making it just beyond the bridges. On return to Charles River Canoe I outfitted the car with the necessary equipment to carry a kayak.

Later that day Amy and I headed out to EMS in Acton (the saga of finding the kayak I wanted is a story all it's own) to pick up and pay for the kayak they were holding for me. It took a while to get the kayak onto the car the first time. Once we had it secured we headed over to Karen and Peter's, since we were in the neighborhood. After showing off the new boat, we had a lovely chat and got to try out the Adirondack chairs we gave them for a wedding present.

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