Monday, September 26, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

I got out on the water twice on Labor Day weekend. On Sunday Colin (who was visiting to "check out colleges") and I headed to the Charles in Boston. From the Charles River Canoe and Kayak rental hut on Soldier's Field Road we headed downriver to just beyond the BU Bridge. This was the first paddle with my new kayak and it came through with flying colors. The paddle was a more stressful than I would have liked alternating between chasing Colin down (and up) the river with trying to convince him to continue on. My boat did pass its first wake tests with flying colors - although I did end up with a lap full at one point. Colin was a big help with kayak transportation.

After Colin left on Monday, I loaded up the kayak and headed to Walden Pond. I'd been swimming at Walden a few weeks earlier - note to self avoid Walden when the swim area is busy. The pond lies in a bowl and it holds and amplifies any noise from the swim area. It was much quieter on Labor Day although quite windy. I paddled the perimeter of the pond then did a couple of quick trips end to end. Walden is a weird contrast. It has been preserved to honor Thoreau and the peace he sought but in the time I was there it was assaulted by the sound of traffic on the road at the east end, airplanes flying over and the commuter rail passing on the west end.


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