Sunday, October 14, 2007

Glasses Chain

Glasses ChainI've used reading glasses for about 15 years. At first I only needed them when I was working on the computer, but in the last couple of years I have had to use them more and more. Any close work requires that I pull out the glasses.

Since I started kayaking I've had a strap on my sun glasses to keep them with me even if I end up in the water. Recently I've been thinking about adding some sort of strap to my reading glasses as well.

A week or so ago Amy was in the local mall and happened upon the bead kiosk. Among the sample they had on display were beaded chains with the necessary connectors to attach them to glasses. This got her thinking and yesterday she dragged me to the mall. We spent about half an hour picking out beads and creating a pattern. I really like blue glass so that's the primary color in the pattern. To add interest we added some green, a pale pink, and a couple of cut silver beads. For the section that will be closest to my fact we choose smaller iridescent beads.

The women who run the booth complimented us on the pattern. I'm not sure if that was more because they really liked it, or because they are smart saleswomen.

Glasses Chain DetailSo now I have a chain for my glasses, and it should be easier to have them with me when I need them. At the left is a detail showing the silver beads.


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That is really pretty. I am SO not a crafts person, though...spending a half hour in a bead store would just about send me through the roof!