Friday, October 26, 2007

Haiku Smackdown

Here is my response to the haiku smackdown challenge from Xinher. The challenge was to write haiku's inspired by 6 pictures she posted. The pictures are hers not mine.

it’s all in a name
snail transformed to escargot
garden pest to treat

around the corner
google-eyed creature lurks
red wall leads the way

light waves in tunnel
barely acknowledged by the
travelers who pass

chew toy distraction
leaves slippers unscathed
dog owner finds bliss

light designs enchant
intentional patterns or
tripod less shooter

no inspiration
for pigs feet haiku today
perhaps tomorrow

1 comment:

self taught artist said...

I like the last line the inspiration for pigs feet
i'm liking your haikus and photos (yes I know these aren't yours)
ps i emailed you just now about a wood question, be on the look out.