Monday, November 19, 2007

Adventure Haiku

small boy joins father
climbing small mountain
giant adventure

The picture was taken by my brother at the top of Baker Mountain near Saranac Lake, New York last July. This was N's first mountain. He's already done another.
Bend in the River
paddle propels me
toward adventure ahead
around rivers bend

These haiku were inspired by this week's prompt, adventure, at One Deep Breath.


qualcosa di bello said...

your first & the photo are just priceless! & the second speaks so eloquently of adventure's anticipation.

Christine said...

The first pulled at my heart. The second - well let me just say that I kayak too. Wonderful. Thank you.

Chelle said...

Thanks. As noted I can't take credit for the photo which was taken by my brother (the father of the happy hiker).

tumblewords said...

How fun are these haiku and photos! Love the adventure!

Greggo said...

wonderful haiku! the first one really shows the scale of the adventure has to do with the excitement of the one undertaking it!

Glad said...

The first haiku reminds me of the importance of taking a significant other along (sometimes!) to share in my adventures.

Maria said...

What great photos and the words behind them are perfect.

Michelle Johnson said...

Beautiful tribute to the little hiker and the photos are perfect. Keep up the good work.