Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Out the Window

I've taken to spending a few minutes of my work day looking out the windows. Here's what I saw yesterday.

Pedestrians moving through the rain.

Kendall Square
Looking toward Boston.
The column with the 1 on it is part the Human Genome Trail. This is a depiction of chromosome 1 and is the start of the trail. If you follow the link and click on numbers it will give you a description of each chromosome.

At about 4 a flash of light caught my eye. In about 5 minutes time the rain had stopped and the sky had mostly cleared. This resulted in a lovely sunset. Here's one shot of it. This is looking back toward the MIT campus.

Sun Set


self taught artist said...

really enjoy these pictures chelle, and the narration, there is something oddly removed and objective about your writing that makes for an interesting exerpt into ones day.
the sun hitting the clouds is beautiful.
glad the cat figured it out too...

JAXTER said...

Ohhhhm homesick alert, very homesick - if that is indeed the bridge I think it is in the second picture I used to live right on the other side in my grandmother's house. Sigh, I miss Boston soooo much even 12 years later. Great pics, thanks for the memories!

Chelle said...

Jaxter - The bridge is the Longfellow Bridge. Sorry to make you homesick.

Paula - Thanks. I think my training in newspaper writing (way back in high school) infuses much of my writing.