Tuesday, November 13, 2007

End of a Near Perfect Weekend: Assabet River Paddle

The middle of last week the weather reports were predicting a break in the cold weather for Monday. When thinking about how to spend my long weekend I decided that I'd squeeze in another paddle before I put the kayak away for the winter. Monday sounded like the best time for this since the reports were calling for temperatures in the 60s.

The reports were wrong. We have yet to see the warm up that is still being predicted. But with temps in the 40s yesterday I decided to put on as many layers as I could and put the boat in the water. Polypro long johns, dry suit pants, insulated socks, three polypro layers on top, a fleece jacket, flannel hat, and full finger paddle gloves were the outfit of the day.

I decided to explore the Assabet River in Concord. The picture above shows the Sudbury River (to the left) and the Assabet River (to the right) where they join to form the Concord River. For this trip I used the same launch point which I used for my Concord River paddle. The Assabet was a new river for me. I've paddled both the Concord and the Sudbury several times, but had never been further than a few yards up the Assabet.

Assabet River 2It was a gloomy day but there was no rain. There's not much color left on the trees. This section of the river runs through a wooded area with occasional houses, most set well back from the river.

The river was mostly calm with a few areas of faster moving water. I am frequently entertained by the patterns created by reflections and this trip was no exception.

As I worked my way up the river I took a number of pictures of reflections.


Reflection 3

RapidsIt was by and large a quiet paddle. I had the brief company of a couple of dogs, a hawk and a few ducks. Finally I came upon this obstruction which signaled the end of the paddle.

I also happened upon irrefutable evidence that the paddling season is over for me.
Your eyes are not deceiving you, that's ice. Naturally occuring at the edge of the river. It is definitely time to put the boat away.

On the way back to the launch site I was contemplating taking a picture of the plastic coyotes (they're supposed to scare away the geese) when out of the corner of my eye I caught movement. Looking over I saw these two white tail deer. They stayed still while I paddled away.
Concord River

Now I just have to wait for the snow so I can strap on the snowshoes.

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