Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Lights

Most of the people who put up holiday lights in our town do so with restraint - a few strings on the bushes in front of the house, lights around a few windows, a lighted blow-up character or two. There is one house, though, which we pass when returning from the grocery store that goes all out with their Christmas decorations.

It started innocently enough. When we first lived here the bushes on one edge of their yard looked like a row of gum drops. When the holidays rolled around the owners added colored lights to the gum drop bushes. With a coating of snow the bushes were quite beautiful.

Slowly additional holiday items were added. And during the last couple years the house has attracted enough attention to slow traffic. There are lights on bushes, lights on the house, lighted blow-up characters, slide shows and those gum drop bushes - they now sport not only the lights but a stereo system playing carols to which the lights are synchronized.

For your viewing pleasure here are a few shots of the spectacle. (Click on the pictures to see larger views.)





Red and Blue

Long View


Gumdrop Bushes

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Stacy said...

Oh my.

JT would be impressed.

Merry Christmas!