Monday, December 03, 2007


My post for last week's Moody Monday challenge got picked as a favorite. Five images of the 74 submitted were chosen as favorites. This is really cool given the quality of the photographers who participate in that challenge.

That picture was taken behind the Unified Arts Building at Brookline High School (where I take an adult ed woodworking class). The construction technology class (a high school class) is building a small one room house in that corner of the parking lot. The tree stump sits next to that house under construction. My guess is that the nails have been added by bored kids.

Now to find a picture that will work for this week.... If I'd known in advance that the challenge was chaotic I would have taken a different set of pictures at my nephew D's wrestling practice (more to come on that soon) on Saturday.


Kathe said...

Congrats, Chelle.

Calamity said...

thats really great! Congrats!!