Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year


At the urging of my sister-out-law, Shelley, I joined a group of more than 60 haiku writers in sending snail mail Nengajou. The short description is that these are traditional Japanese New Year's cards, most often postcards which usually include some reference to the creature associated with the new year. 2008 is the year of the rat. Follow this link to read more about Nengajou.

The snail mail group has brought a wonderful array of cards to my mailbox. Both Amy and I have enjoyed seeing the different approaches and reading all the haiku. Pictured above is the card I sent. Each of the elements is something I created.

The photo at the top was taken in Brighton, Massachusetts a few weeks ago. (Although it looks like the middle of nowhere it was in fact taken from the Turnpike exit ramp looking north toward Cambridge Street.) The numbers at the bottom are details from other photos - the 2 is from a photo taken in the parking garage at work, the first 0 is from the ice castle at the 2004 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, the second 0 is from the Wellesley College class of 1940's banner and the 8 is from the Wellesley class of 1981's banner. The rat is based on a mouse my college roommate (hi RT) used to draw next to her signature.

I hope that the new year brings each of you peace, love and happiness.


JAXTER said...

fantastic - and Happy New Year!

sarala said...

I love the card! I have done a little snail mail postcard sharing. Have you seen postcrossing? It is sort of

Chelle said...


I'm aware of post crossing but haven't ever taken the plunge.